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Shani Signapur

The village has no doors. No theft ever occurs here, as the Lord Shani, the guardian deity of the village is always there to mete out instant punishment” so claim the residents of Shani-Shinganapur and this claim has become its claim to fame. Unlike other pilgrimage centres, devotees here can perform puja or abhishek or other religious rituals themselves.

The Legend
The legend says, that about two hundred years ago, the stream alongside the village was in flood. A rock-slab was washed up. It amused some shepherd-kids. One of them pocked it with a stick and wonder of wonders! The rock bled! Then somebody received a divine message in the dream that this rock was nothing but a Shani- idol. Then it was installed.
The shrine is open air, without roof. In fact there is no enclosing structure in 1990, an east facing multi deity temple was built west of the Shani idol. The premises also contain a tomb of one saint- Udasi Baba. Shri Shanaishwara Public Trust was established in 1963.

Shani-Shinganapur lies 6 kilometers off Ghodegaon- an important market place along Ahmednagar-Aurangabad road. Ghodegaon is 35 kilometers from Ahmednagar. Shirdi has been one of the most popular places of pilgrimage on the national map for long, now Shani-Shinganapur is being hyphenated with it. It has become especially popular with the faithful from Andhra Pradesh. Its importance is growing.

The Temple
Shani-Saturn- is one of the dreaded planets of astrology. But its temples are very rare. And the one here is considered to be of special stature. As always, the idol of the deity; Shani- an off spring of the Sun God has a legend attached to its origin. In fact the idol is only a slab of the rock.

The superstition that lord Shani does not let any theft to happen but on the other hand, takes offence if doors are installed in houses is quite quaint. Rather than sanctity of the Shani-Shrine, this superstition attracts devotees. (It draws ‘infidels’ too. Anti superstition activists had launched an agitation here).
But petty thefts are not uncommon here. And still the superstition refuses to die away.
Why not go yourself and check it out (by, e.g. learning your bags unguarded!) Proof of pudding if eating, after all!

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