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Ellora Caves

We provide excellent arrangements for tours to world-famous Ellora caves. Ellora caves are famous for the religious monuments present inside. These caves represent the mastery of Indian rock architecture. Ellora caves comprise of Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain cave temples and are a perfect example of religious tolerance prevalent during this period. We provide the arrangements for clients from any part of the country and make their trip memorable.

The Ellora caves, dating back to the ancient and early medieval Indian era between 5th century CE to the 11th century CE, is located at a distance of 28 kilometers from Aurangabad, one of the leading cities in Maharashtra. These caves which are 30 in number and a combination of Jain, Buddhist and Hindu caves, symbolises the love and respect of all the religions in India, which has been in the root of Indian tradition and culture right from the ancient period, or rather since the prehistoric era.

The Caves
All the 30 excavated rock cut caves have been categorised into three parts:

  • Buddhist Caves : Cave numbers 1 to 12 at the Southern end - 5th century CE to 7th century CE.

  • Hindu Caves : Cave numbers 13 to 29 in the middle - 8th century CE to 10th century CE.

  • Jain Caves : Cave numbers 30 to 34 at the northern end - 9th century CE to 11th century CE

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